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  • All figures are to be numbered using Arabic numerals (i.e., Figure 1, 2, 3, etc…).
  • Figures should always be cited in text in consecutive numerical order.
  • Figures must be on separate pages at the end of the manuscript. The desired position of figures should be indicated on the respective manuscript pages (e.g., ‘Insert Figure 1 here’)
  • Figures have to be of high technical quality and must have a short title.
  • The following file formats can be accepted:  EPS (preferred format for diagrams), PDF (also especially suitable for diagrams), TIFF (preferred format for photos or images), Microsoft Word (version 5 and above; figures must be a single page), PowerPoint (figures must be a single page), JPEG and BMP.
  • If an appendix appears in your article and it contains one or more figures, continue the consecutive numbering of the main text. Do not number the appendix figures, "A1, A2, A3, etc." Figures in online appendices (Electronic Supplementary Material) should, however, be numbered separately.

In order to give people of all abilities and disabilities access to the content of your figures, please make sure that

  • All figures have descriptive captions (visually impaired users could then use a text-to-speech software or a text-to-Braille hardware)
  • Patterns are used instead of or in addition to colors for conveying information (color-blind users would then be able to distinguish the visual elements)
  • Any figure lettering has a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1


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